How to choose the right bag for work ?

Whether you’re a working professional or just starting off with your first job, you’re going to build a work wardrobe consisting of a careful selection of clothing and accessories that you’ll wear to it. At work, everyone seems to notice everyone else so a mistake with ones look should be the last thing in mind. What a person wears to work speaks a lot about one’s personality. If you’re at a senior position, junior employees will look up to you. If you’re at a junior position then take note that a well-organized office wardrobe is one of the keys to success. And a handbag is just as important as everything else because it’ll be used every day.

There are many aspects to consider before you finally decide the perfect bag for work for you. First of all, size matters. An office bag needs to have a generous amount of space and pockets to organize whatever will go in there. Sturdy or stiff structured bags make it easier to browse through over soft or sloppy hobo bags which are actually not a good choice for work. The ultimate choice will depend on what culture is followed in the workplace, as it is the utmost important point to take note of. If the environment within the workplace is formal, a tote bag or a satchel bag is the best. They are big enough to carry a laptop, documents, and other work essentials and look very professional. Colour scheme should range from black to white, beige and in between as neutral shades just add a touch of elegance to the office attire. For a more casual office atmosphere, a bowling bag is a good choice. These are semi-circle shaped bags with good interior space for most items but will not accommodate a laptop. They come in bold colors and prints and give a more quirky feeling to the overall look.

An office bag can’t be changed with seasonal trends so it is wise to invest in two to three quality bags which will last for years to come. Plus, if you get bored of one, you can always switch with the other.

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