Perfect Purse Ideas for The Women of Your Life !

Buying the right gift for your mum, wife, sister or girlfriend sounds like a mission impossible. The ladies in your life seem to have everything under control, however, despite the fact they never ask for a present, they’re very likely in need of a new wallet or purse. You never have enough leather wallets and the more you get the more choice you have when it comes to matching the wallet you’re using to the size of the bag you’re carrying or the pockets in your trousers.

The first tip we can give you is to pay some attention to the type of wallet the ladies in your life use so that you know what style, color or size they are usually interested in.

We can start from the smallest wallets, perfect for small bags and purses, available in a variety of colors and styles, like the Cat Shaped Mini Wallet, in black, sky blue, pink, lavender and light green, on sale for $15.62. This wallet makes a great gift idea if you want to stick to a small budget without giving up quality and style.


On the other hand, if you think that the gift you’re looking for needs to be something more capacious, women’s wallets come in a huge variety and a leather clutch is probably what you’re looking for. Available in a variety of colors that space from beige to black, including red, mint green and turquoise, a Women’s Leather Fashion Clutch ($10.88) will definitely do the trick for a special present.

Finally, let’s not forget about technology-friendly wallets because these are definitely something that everyone needs. A Portable Outdoor Sports Wrist Arm Band Mobile Cell Phone Holder ($9.95) is a great idea if you’re buying a gift for a woman who likes to exercise. Despite not being a traditional wallet, in fact, this accessory is perfect to store not only money, ID’s and credit cards but also a mobile phone.

With the variety of products offered by Awaira you can’t go wrong when choosing a present!

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